Katy's Crafts for a Cause

Oceana and Protecting the World’s Oceans


Ever since my Japanese-Hawaiian mom brought me back to islands when I was young, I have developed an appreciation of the oceans and what it brings to the world. As an occasional surfer, flyboarder, and scuba diver (okay, I went scuba diving with my dad only once in Hawaii but I just loved it!!!), I hope that I, and future generations, can keep enjoying our planet’s oceans.

After I learned how to crochet (as a high school senior with “senioritis”), I started to make a bunch of little items like whale keychains and would like to sell them online (Etsy). 100% of money from your purchase will be donated to Oceana.org, an organization dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans.

That’s actually me in the background!!! I love Hawaii !!! Oceans are amazing and full of life !

Enjoying Mother Earth’s precious oceans !!!