Stuffed Animals for Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

In Summer 2017 I finally mastered the ladder game. Commonly found at amusement parks and boasting gigantic prizes, it is basically a rope ladder only attached at two points. It appears to be easy, which is supported by the “carnies” or workers climbing up with ease, but most people will inevitably end up on their backs, the giant prizes taunting them. After realizing that it couldn’t be that difficult to win a huge prize if all the carnies could, I became determined to win. My dad and I had built a rope ladder and set it up in our backyard.

I practiced for hours before discovering a secret that would enable me to reach that red rung and hit the buzzer. Of course, I was wondering what I could possibly do with that kind of talent. Sure, I could sell the stuffed animals and reap huge profits, but I wanted to use my skills to help others. I decided to donate them, and after much searching discovered that the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital would accept them since they were new with tags. To me, Lucile Packard was the best possible place to donate them at, even if it was a little far from our house, because it is a nonprofit that treats children for practically everything, including cancer. I 100% support an organization that helps others out of the goodness of its heart because I do the same. And I have always wanted to cure cancer, but while I’m still young simply knowing that I am helping make a few patients, especially children, happy is satisfactory enough.